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Half Box Stickers, Kitchen Labels, Planner Stickers, Functional Planner Stickers, Planner Labels, 42 Stickers, 1.5" in length, Multicolor

Half Box Stickers, Kitchen Labels, Planner Stickers, Functional Planner Stickers, Planner Labels, 42 Stickers, 1.5" in length, Multicolor

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Introducing our versatile set of 42 half box label stickers designed to enhance your planner organization and personalization. This meticulously crafted set consists of two sheets, each catering to different preferences – one brimming with vibrant, eye-catching hues, and the other offering an array of soothing and understated neutral tones. Sheet 1: Colorful Stickers Dive into a world of dynamic creativity with our Colorful Stickers sheet. Bursting with energy and excitement, these stickers feature an eclectic spectrum of vivid shades that infuse life into your planner. Each half box label is adorned with a unique color, allowing you to effortlessly coordinate with various themes, moods, or events. Whether you're highlighting important tasks, commemorating special occasions, or simply adding a pop of joy to your daily entries, these stickers are your ultimate artistic companions. Sheet 2: Neutral Colors For moments that call for elegance and subtlety, turn to our Neutral Colors sheet. This collection boasts an assortment of refined, muted tones that lend sophistication to your planner's pages. The understated charm of these half box label stickers effortlessly complements any setting, whether it's a professional meeting, a serene reflection, or a minimalist layout. Their gentle hues provide a tranquil backdrop, allowing your notes and plans to take center stage while maintaining a seamless aesthetic balance. Craftsmanship and Quality Crafted with utmost attention to detail, these label stickers are designed to adhere seamlessly to your planner's pages. Each sticker is precisely cut and manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a smooth writing surface. The adhesive is optimized to provide reliable attachment without leaving residues, making rearranging or repositioning a breeze. Versatile Planning With 42 half box label stickers at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.


Removable Matte Sticker Paper

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Sticker sheets are 5"x7".

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Perfect stickers for your planner.

With multiple 5 star ratings on Amazon these stickers are sure to please!

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